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Missouri Route 66 road sign Travelers on Route 66 enjoyed a scenic drive through the Ozarks as they headed West out of Rolla toward Springfield.  Small rental log cabins and stone cottages dotted the countryside, built by hard-working Ozark hill people.  These skilled artisans used local materials, logging the oak trees from the forests and cutting warm rusty Ozark sandstone from the hills.

Missouri, known as the cave state, provided exploring opportunities for the curious motorist and their families.  Three memorable caves south of Leasburg included the immense cavern of Cathedral Cave, the Missouri Caverns, and Onandaga Cave where they could float through the winding channel of the Lost River.  A few miles east of Leasburg at Stanton, travelers also enjoyed Lester Dill's well-known Meramec Caverns, a renowned first-class tourist destination.

Route 66 coffee bag Richard Hollingshead invented and patented the drive-in movie theater in 1933 and formed a company to franchise his concept.  Along Route 66, a drive-in movie provided inexpensive family entertainment and a brief respite from the long drive across the country.

Not as liberal as the folks in Illinois, Missourians built few roadside taverns along Route 66.

Route 66 Missouri labelThis special blend of Route 66 coffee is labeled with original artwork depicting the scenery along Missouri. The Missouri flavor is a delightful Southern Pecan.

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