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Kansas Route 66 road sign Route 66's brief stretch through Kansas was a mere eleven-and-a-half miles long, slicing through the southeastern corner of the state.

As it entered Kansas and Oklahoma, Route 66 dramatically changed.  In Illinois and Missouri, Route 66 had seldom gone through the center of town but instead, skirted the outside of towns where budding commercial strips were beginning to emerge. 

Route 66 coffee bagNow, as it ran through Kansas and Oklahoma, Route 66 truly became the Main Street of America, following Main Streets through most cities and towns all the way to California.

Route 66 Kansas labelThis special blend of Route 66 coffee is labeled with original artwork depicting the scenery along Kansas. The Kansas flavor is a warm Hazelnut.

This is sure to become a collectors series. Collect all eight states in our Route 66 series. Visit our online store to order.

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