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Arizona Route 66 road sign In 1857 and 1858, Edward F. Beale, leading a string of camels, surveyed along the 35th parallel for a wagon road.  Between 1881-1883, the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad followed the trace surveyed by Beale when it laid its track from Albuquerque west to Needles, CA.  Along its route, a series of trading centers, spaced approximately 60 miles apart, grew into railroad towns named after the men who built the railroad.

Holbrook, Arizona was named after H.R. Holbrook, first chief engineer of Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.  Winslow was named for Edward Winslow, a railroad company president.  Heading westward on Route 66, motorists arrived at Seligman, a welcoming town named for Jesse Seligman and his brother, two New York bankers who helped finance the rail line south.  In 1883, Kingman was established as a railroad stop.  It is said that the locating engineer, Lewis Kingman, named the stop after himself.

Route 66 coffee bag The architecture of the trading posts that dotted the road along Route 66 between Gallup, New Mexico and Flagstaff, Arizona was striking due in part to the talents of Arizona sign painters.  One such artist was Jack Fuss.  In 1919, Fuss pocketed his degree from the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and set out for Flagstaff where he worked at such jobs as cowhand and taxi driver.  In 1925, he began putting his talents to work painting signs along Route 66.  He built, painted, and maintained billboards and rented them to local businesses that advertised Arizona's scenic wonders, grand hotels, and gaudy trading posts.  Fuss quit painting signs in 1972, but the tradition of using colorful figures to advertise roadside businesses, particularly those selling American Indian arts, continued across Arizona.

Mormons established 5 villages on the Little Colorado River after 1873.  Joseph City, settled in 1876 and located on Route 66, is the sole survivor.

Route 66 Arizona labelThis special blend of Route 66 coffee is labeled with original artwork depicting the scenery along Arizona. The Arizona flavor is a tantalizing Vanilla-Cinnamon Twist.

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