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Fossil Creek Coffee offers original blends of gourmet coffee in attractive packaging. Our original blends include:
  • Mogollon Mudd
  • Mogollon Mudd Decaf
  • Mountain Blend
  • Mountain Blend Decaf
  • Sedona Blend
  • Sedona Blend Decaf
  • Chile Coffee
  • Flavored Coffee Blends
    (Route 66 blends)


Mogollon Mudd Coffee:
This flavorful blend from Mogollon Rim Country is made with the highest quality Colombian coffee beans, giving this blend a wonderfully rich taste. Its medium body, excellent aroma, and balanced acidity create a delightful breakfast coffee.

  • Available in regular and decaf, whole bean and ground

Mountain Blend:
This rich, full-bodied coffee is a dark-roasted blend with an invigorating aroma and a rich, smooth taste. Excellent for morning or evening, this coffee blend is a classic favorite for every coffee lover.

  • Available in regular and decaf, whole bean and ground

Sedona Blend:
This flavorful red rock blend is a mellow espresso with a taste similar to one you'd find in Northern Italy. This espresso offers an exceptional amount of crema when made correctly.

  • Available in regular and decaf, whole bean and ground

Chile Coffee:
This special blend was created in the Southwest with a hint of several unique spices to the region. It provides mellow yet exciting flavor for every coffee enthusiast! Available in our online store.

  • Ground coffee in a decorative red bag

Flavored Coffee Blends (Route 66 blends):
Our flavored coffee blends start with the finest Central American beans. After the coffee is roasted, while the beans are still warm, the coffee is flavored with the finest liquid extracts. This attention to detail has resulted in repeated taste test victories.

  • Flavors are available in regular and decaf, whole bean and ground


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